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Thursday, August 6, 2009

FathersNotGuilty - epetition response

Wednesday 5 August 2009 FathersNotGuilty - epetition response

We received a petition asking:

“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to prosecute women who use false accusations to restrict fathers access to children.” Details of Petition: “It is well know that many women lie to the police to prevent or restrict fathers access to their children. The Police and family courts not only turn a blind eye but their acceptance of this practice only encourages women to keep doing it. Fathers are not guilty by default! They are usually the more level headed parent, willing to put the childs interests first and yet they are criminalised by the false accusations of their ex partners. It is often the mothers who are breaking the law and putting their childs interests second to their own selfish and vindictive tendancies.” · Read the petition· Petitions homepage
Read the Government’s response Thank you for your e-petition. When considering whether to make a contact or residence order, the Children Act 1989 requires the court at all times to make the welfare of the child its paramount consideration. The Government is aware of the difficulties that can be faced by non-resident parents in maintaining contact with their children, sometimes because of the obstructive behaviour of the parent with whom the child resides. The Government believes that where it is safe and is in the child’s best interests, a child will benefit from both parents’ continued involvement in their upbringing and from regular meaningful contact with both parents. Where both parents have parental responsibility for their child they are equal before the law, and this continues after they have separated. Many parents who separate or divorce do manage to agree arrangements for their children. And only around 10% do seek a court order to resolve a disagreement. In contact cases, where one party makes allegations, or if there is reason to suppose, that a child or a party has experienced domestic violence, or that there is a risk of violence, the court must, at all stages, identify at the earliest possible opportunity the factual and welfare issues involved. The nature of the allegation or admission and extent of admission or what may be proved is also considered. The court may decide to hold a “Finding of Fact” hearing to hear the evidence from both parties about the allegations made. If the court considers that the allegations are unfounded, or less serious than suggested, it is for the court to take due account of this and the overall reliability of that party’s evidence in deciding the type and level of contact ordered. The standard of proof is the “balance of probabilities” – a lower threshold than for criminal offences that have to be proved “beyond reasonable doubt”. There are no ‘punitive’ responses to unfounded allegations and although costs can be awarded, as in any other cases, this power is not used often as it can lead to financial difficulty for the resident parent, which is contrary to the child’s best interests. The petitioner suggests that fathers are being criminalised. While breach of a non-molestation order is now a criminal offence, the focus in children’s proceedings is not on attaching blame or finding guilt but on making arrangements for children that best serve their interests and are safe for all the parties.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Are MPs immune from family problems?

Would you believe if I said to you that elected members of the British Governments are immune to problems in their own families? “I don’t think so”, would be the reply. Even the Queen has her troubles

Why are the vast majority of them keeping mum on the subject? We would have thought the grandparents among them would at least speak up about the gross injustices in family law. This Is just not happening. Why! Are they all hypocrites or false prophets strutting around posing on TV and almost buying their free local papers for publicity to make a big show of doing nothing? They are a joke. What do they really do for their constituents? What can they do? Every constituent we have sent to them for help with family problems ends up being told “there is nothing I can do against social services.

Party politics is their real concern, even before their own families welfare, the proof being that there are very few of them standing up to be counted for children’s interests

On a subject as important as child welfare ‘The Best Interests of the Child’ should be paramount but not so for the government and social services. They use it for their own best interests because they are failing to use every possible means for the protection of our children.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Study Measures Benefits of More Involved Fathers

Children face greater risk when agencies focus only on moms, overlook dads
SAN FRANCISCO, July 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Family service agencies are missing huge opportunities to help children by focusing only on mothers and ignoring fathers, according to a groundbreaking study by some of the nation's top family and child development researchers.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A heartbreaking plea to keep a family together.

My Family Destroyed
(A mothers story)

Sobbing profusely the Scottish mother and daughter who fled to Ireland for justice has made a heartbreaking plea for legal support to keep her family together.

Her voice breaking she went on to say “Can anyone help to end this nightmare? I have no money for barristers and have been refused Irish legal aid because the Scottish social services accuse me of emotional child abuse for removing my daughter from a place where she was extremely unhappy. I have never had a court order against me. Scottish social services snatched my two children by means of lies and deceit”

“ My daughter is having nightmares at the thought of going back there again as she is so happy living with the Irish foster carers and the thought of us being together again”.

“The social workers that travelled to Ireland from Scotland were refused permission to take her back, by a judge as there was no court order against me. When they were leaving they spoke to my wee girl and put her in a state of fear and she has been having nightmares since. I’ll never forgive them for that” “I only ever wanted a fair hearing to put my case but I have always come up against a lies”

“The barrister recommended by, i think it was Irish legal aid, told me I have been refused funding and my daughter will be sent back to Scotland. A secret Woman’s Aid refuge that took me in has clammed up on me and refused me the use of their phone to call Scotland without giving me any explanation why”

Grandparents have been reporting child emotional abuse to social services in Scotland for years and they have been giving the impression, if there were no physical signs of abuse, it was all in the grandparents minds. It seems they recognise emotional abuse when it suits them.

It would appear that the social services are exercising their omnipotent power again and teaching this young mother a lesson for daring to oppose them.

To give this mother fair hearing is not in the social services best interest because they are afraid the truth would then come out. As this young mother claims she has proof of laws they have broken against her family.

A Big Thankyou.

From the Scottish mother who fled to Ireland with her daughter. “Thank you all from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has sent me support, good wishes and helpful information. Special thanks goes to, Jimmy Deuchars, Brian McNair and Ian Josephs for their kindness”.

This mother fled to the Irish republic amid claims from Scottish social services that she was an unfit mother. Her daughter sobs for her at night and pleads with her to take her back. The mother cries and says “Thank goodness the foster carers she is placed with in Ireland are two of the kindest patient people I have ever met” If you had seen this mother and daughter together you will see they were meant to be together but the Scottish social services are hell bent on persecuting this family despite having no evidence that would stand up in court.

The Irish Woman’s Aid Refuge has been very kind to her and reports about not letting her use the telephone was a misunderstanding, not surprising the stress they are under is, not knowing what lies ahead. She has not broken any Irish laws but Scottish social services claim by taking her child away she has committed emotional abuse (a joke coming from their record of snatching) The Irish courts refused to hand over the daughter to the Scottish social workers who flew over to take her back. There never has been any court orders against this mother. It is now claimed Scottish social services are being uncooperative with the Irish courts.

We say to Scottish social services. “Leave this family alone and stop interfering unnecessarily in their lives”.


Jimmy Deuchars
Grandparents Apart UK
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Sunday, August 2, 2009



We have Teamed up with USFI, Grandparents Apart, New Fathers 4 Justice, Real Fathers 4 Justice, Mums House Ireland, and Change Matters (all these groups confirmed to be taking part) to protest at Ireland Courts because the only way to end all of this pain and change things is to work with each other and all stand together as one.We will arrive at the Courts at 14.00 ,

We are protesting about our rights as fathers, mothers grandparents and children, These rights are flawed across the justice system, Access, CSA, Social services, Parental Alienation, False Allegations, Child protection plus more than i could list !We all feel pain and suffer each day in our own way, all because off our governments and hostile justice systems that try to control us.

The only way to end this pain and suffering is all stand together as one voice all fighting against this inhumane system.Please contact your local press and inform them and join us.Please bring banners and everything you can to make our voices heard,