Grandparents Apart UK

Grandparents Apart UK
"Bringing Families Together"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Letter to David Cameron

Dear Mr. Cameron,

A couple of weeks ago on early morning radio I heard Caroline Spellman outline the Conservatives plan for the family should you become elected. This morning I heard you stating that you hope and expect your ministers to build on achievements already gained from charities etc. rather than have a complete sweep, losing any information that is already there.

We are very much impressed by this positive move toward family unity and would like to be a part of this, building on our previous work.

Representatives of our group have attended meetings in relation to Iain Duncan Smith’s Centre for Social Justice research and we have taken part in the workshop with his Breakthrough Glasgow program.

We are a support group that helps grandparents who are denied contact with their grandchildren and our approach is building bridges within families and encouraging families to work together for the sake of the children involved as they are always the innocent victims of adult behaviour. We very much support traditional family values and believe much work is needed to rebuild the erosion of the family unit, with education in parenting and compromise as priorities. We have been working in this field for ten years now and have a varied case load with a good success rate in regaining or maintaining contact within families.

We believe you will be coming to Glasgow during the build-up to next year’s election and would appreciate it if you could spare us some time during one of your visits to discuss our proposals to help families.