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Grandparents Apart UK
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

to all non resident fathers

by chick on Tue Feb 09, 2010 3:01 am

Gentlemen as allway's we do not mean we should be given priority over father's at no time have we stated this we are a forum for grandparent's and we have allways stated, after it was brought to our attention that in all cases provided that there is no danger to a child/ren both parent's should be involved in a there upbringing and pfcourse the same goe's for grandparents as well the reason i am writing this is to clear up any confusion that we should be given prority over speak's for its self really as father's and of course some mother's have to work to support there child/ren plus both parent's also after working all week whether it be a mother bringing up a child/ren and visa versa off course. this is where grandparents can be both a valuble asset to both the children and the parent's so come on all resident parent's forget about the arguments he fighting you had. it doesent matter who' was to blame the children love you both if either parent is bad to there children , the oldrer kids will sort that out them selfs and wont want to go to the parent who is bad to them but please be honest and leave it up to them to choose not you. honest trust me you both will be happier with in yourselfs it' mean's you both can go out , for the sake off the children please be civil to each other for there sake and honest . you both will get on a lot better than you did when you were together please give it a try it will be a bit tense at the beginnig but it will ease off after the first two or three visit's And when the kids are happy it reflects on all so give it a go please for all our happiness and wellbeing all round.

and the father who phoned i hope this clear's up any confusion there was, and please phone me back or dont withold your number and i will phone you if you wish.

luv in friendship charlie and as usual please exscuse the spelling lol as long as you know what i am talking about i know i could use spellchecker but it takes me long enough to do my one finger typing lol.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Today I am one day old, I have a wonderful loving mum and dad and how they play with me, I giggle so much.

Today I am one year old I still have a mum and dad who love and play with me
Now I am a little boy/girl and I go to school to learn and I have many friends and we play oh how we play and we are so happy, I wish my mum and dad could play together and be happy just as they were the day I was born.

Now I have to live with my mother because my mum and dad no longer play together, mum tells me daddy does not want to see or play with me any more, I do miss my dad, and I am not allowed any more to see my daddies mum and dad, I did love to play with my grandparents and they told me wonderful stories, so now I only have my friends at school to play with.

I have been told if I am not good social services could take me away and send me to a knew mum and dad, I wonder if they will play with me like my mum and dad use to.

I am confused. Should I have a new mum and dad, or stay with my mum, but I do miss my dad. Why cant mums and dads stay friends like me and my friends. My nights are so lonely dad use to tell me a bedtime story, but that has gone when dad left, I do beg mum to let me see my dad and grandparents, but I have stopped asking, because my mum hates my dad and his family, and I know I could be in trouble to keep asking, because you see I am only a child and I am not given a voice and under the
International human rights even as a child I should be allowed to say what I want and who I want to live with.

I am now a very big person, and when I did find my dad, I felt as he did not want me when I was little, I did not need him now, as I turned to leave, he said, please listen to me, to hear dad tell me why we did not play when I was growing up, bought tears to my eyes and my heart full of pain. Such a waste of my little years growing up with no dad. But now I have my dad and we play and giggle just like the day I was born.

Just a thought for all dads and grandparents