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Thursday, January 14, 2010

this is a posting from the forum pleas feel free to comment

It is worth hanging in there.
by Jane on Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:52 am
Had a call this morning from a grandparent to say that she has regained contact with her two grandchildren, she and her son have not seen them for several years!It is so amazing to be able to share in her delight and happiness, so the morale is keep trying and look what can happen.All any of us want is to be able to share our lives with these special little people, and to give them all the love we have, nothing more nothing less.Lots of loveJane.x

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Re: It is worth hanging in there.
by charlesg on Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:44 pm
hi jane really good new's there is always hope but if you can advise the grandparents dont go back the way whats happened is in the past start again and i alway's advise anyone contact the resident parent/s offer the olive branch it does not matter what has happened bite your lip you are doing it for your grandchild/ren it's them that matter be civil for the sake off the child/ren and this goes for the non-resident father as well and my friend's you will never regret it and if you do and your turned down then at least you have tried and if your are turned donwn dont react violently tell them you are sorry that she/they feel that she/they cant do this for the child/rens sake but my door s always open and you have my number this may sound crazy . but i can garuntee you now if you do this aterwaeds you will feel glad that at least you tried it worked for us after 7 long years i took the advice jimmy gave me and that was charlie forget the past you are doing this for your grandson and not only have we got our grandson back he is now in contact with his son and ex dil we are all getting on great its a bit like walking on eggshells at first but we are all happy now and so is our lovely grandson dont get me wrong at 8 am in the morning and hes jumping on top off me saying come on granddad its time to get up its snowing outthere hurry and take me sledging you say to yourself what have i done lol but once you are out there you would not change it for the world tired and sore completely knackered. when see him laying there sound asleep after a great day its worth all the money in the world.PLEASE MY FRIENDS TRY IT YOU MAY THINK I AM TALKING A LOAD OFF UTTER RUBBISH BUT IF I HAD NOT DONE THIS I WOULD BE SITTING HERE SAD AND SAYING I WONDER WHAT HE GOT FOR CHRISTMAS I WONDER THIS I WONDER THAT PLEASE I AM NOT TALKING RUBBISH JUST DO IT AND DO IT NOW LEAVE OUT THE LAWYERS IF YOU WANT US TO MEDIATE ON YOUR BEHALF THEN WE WILL BUT IF YOU DO IT YOURSELF THEY KNOW IT COMES FROM YOU .THANKS FOR LISTENING CHARLIE VICE/CHAIRMAN GRANDPARENTS APART UK IF YOU AT LEAST TRY IT MAY WELL BECOME THE HAPPEST DAY OFF YOUR LIFE :D

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Monday, January 11, 2010

hi all

if any member who has not registered on the forum, if they wish can join the forum also, it is
free, we are getting a lot off hit's and it's just so the browser's are getting information from both site's thanks listening.

luv charlie vice/chairman grandparents apart uk. ( charlesg on forum)